Welcome to MiF at NES!

The mission of the New Economic School (NES) is to benefit Russia’s private and public sectors through excellence in economics education and research. NES was created in 1992 to introduce to Russia a master’s degree program in economics. The success of this program turned NES into the best economics institution not only in Russia, but in all of Eastern Europe. Our faculty publishes in the leading international journals and prominently represents Russia in the international economics and finance profession.

In January 2007 we launched a new Masters in Finance (MiF) program supported by Morgan Stanley to reach early- and mid-career finance professionals. In June of 2008 we awarded diplomas to the first cohort of MiF graduates. The students and the alumni report that our dreams about the great finance program in Moscow are coming true. We have a program that both meets international standards of quality and provides knowledge useful in the daily life of the Russian finance community. There are more than 100 graduates of MiF program. 

The Masters in Finance program relies on the permanent in economics and finance, and visiting professors from the leading universities and business schools in the world. The key advantage of the program is its unique cooperation with the private sector. Leaders of the Russian - and international - finance community participate in shaping the program’s curriculum, give guest lectures and teach full courses. This cooperation helps the program to fulfill its goal of providing students with skills based on cutting-edge financial research and applicable to the modern world of finance.

The success of our new program requires more than just the excellent permanent and visiting faculty and cooperation with the private sector. 20 years of NES history has taught us that the School’s most valuable asset is neither faculty, nor staff, nor academic resources or curriculum; it is our students. Since 2007, the Masters in Finance program has attracted excellent students. Our goal is to continue to bring in the best and brightest professionals from the Russian finance community - those who will be able to elevate their field to a new level. Only the most talented and motivated students will make the Masters in Finance program what we envision it as: the best finance program in Russia, a path to a successful career, and an essential source of future leaders for Russia's economy and society.