Program Outline

The Masters in Finance program is taught on a part-time basis. It consists of ten two-month modules and takes 20 months (with summer vacation in July and August). Each week, there are two evening sessions on weekdays and one session on Saturday, each held in downtown Moscow and lasting 3 hours. Thus, the students are expected to spend each week 9 hours in class - and invest at least as much time studying independently.

Each module usually includes 3 courses. A standard two-month course (1 credit) includes 7 three-hour sessions and (optionally) 2-3 tutorials lasting 1.5 hours, which is equivalent to half of a usual one-semester course.

The core of the program includes required courses on economics and finance taught during the first four modules. In addition, the students make their own selections of elective courses, most of which are taught at MiF and some of which are offered in the MA in Economics Program.

During the last three modules (from January to June) students work on an individual project under the guidance of one of the school’s professors and (optionally) in cooperation with the advisor from their own or another company. The project should demonstrate the student’s ability to apply the skills developed during the program to solving real-world problems.

The total study load necessary to complete the program is 20 credits:

Program Сredits
Eight core courses 8
Ten elective courses 10
Individual project 2

During the first module of classes, students take an intensive refresher course on mathematical analysis, linear algebra, probability, and statistics (no credit awarded).