Taking Selected Courses

The Masters in Finance program offers all interested students an opportunity to take selected courses from the Teaching Plan. This allows each student to create an individual study plan deviating from the standart MiF study experience.

Course participants receive course materials, attend classes (see Schedule), do homework and take exams just as regular MiF students do. After completing the course, those who have passed the exam will receive a Certificate; otherwise they will receive a statement of attendance.

Admission to the MiF courses is open throughout the year. Applicants are selected on the basis of their submitted documents and their interviews.

Admission Requirements:

  • Higher education
  • Working knowledge of English

Application Package

To apply for the MiF courses, students should fill in the online application form and submit the following documents:

All documents should be uploaded onto the online application form or sent by email to mif@nes.ru to the MiF Admissions Committee.

Admission into a course is possible oncen the course is paid for the student.


Starting September 2018 the tuition fee is 87,000 rubles per course. The payment for the course should be made 2 weeks in advance.